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The Promise

Our philosophy

"Nothing fashionable, elegant or beautiful can ever come from ignorance, destruction or sufferance."

Aleks M. | Creative Director for Aleksander Revas & REVANTA

Our brand has been built on the vision of imbedding sustainability in designer wear, fusing ethics with quality in garment crafting and pairing luxury with responsible practices. This is our main reason of existing. Still we know this is a lifelong commitment. Commitment for always doing better and being better. For our customers, for fashion, for the world and for us. In the end, our biggest promise is that we will not stop as we continue to look for even more and even better ways to create, to produce and to protect.



We love cotton for its clean elegance, breathability, and structure but we know how destructive conventional cotton is. That is why we exclusively use GOTS certified organic cotton or recycled cotton.


Viscose, while a versatile and desirable fabric, is traditionally linked to deforestation and harmful chemical processes. To help reduce the negative impact viscose production can have, we exclusively use FSC or EcoVero™ certified viscose, ensuring an increased quality and more sustainable way of sourcing the wood.


We really like Lenzing's Tencel fabric here at REVANTA. TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers are known for their natural comfort and environmentally responsible closed loop production process. They deliver quality, performance and versatility. Unique physical properties lead to their high tenacity profile, efficient moisture management and gentleness to skin.


Wool is an amazing, luxurious fabric, fit for all seasons, a heritage natural fibre adored by people since ... well, forever. But, when it comes to animal derived fibres we pay extra care, as we know for a fact animal abuse is common practice. That is why we will only use wool derived from responsible husbandry that guarantee proper animal care and do not include inhumane practices such as museling.


Silk has been for centuries considered the epitome of luxury and rightfully so, as there is something about silk that simply makes you want to touch it and wrap yourself with it. Regrettably in the traditional way of creating silk the pupa is killed in order to fasten the production process. As life and beauty are core to our fashion philosophy we will only use Peaceful (Ahimsa or Non-Violent) silk in our products, a process that allows the silk worm to naturally emerge unharmed from its cocoon.


We genuinely believe that nothing beautiful or elegant could ever be built through death and pain. Protecting the beauty of life is similar to protecting the beauty of fashion. This is a core concept in our philosophy. As such, we will never use leather, fur or any other animal derived fibres that imply the death or torture of an animal.


We strive to have products with a high level of biodegradability and be as close to nature as possible. Still, polyester is wide-spread used in fashion nowadays and most of the time it ends up as waste in nature. We feel we have a responsibility to be part of its recycling. Hence, we usually use little polyester or plastic based fabrics in our collections and when we do it is never first-use but always GRS certified recycled polyester.


Every so often, in our pursuit for beautiful fabrics we run into fabrics that have been neglected or forgotten and are bound to the thrown away. After proper auditing the supplier to verify they indeed qualify as deadstock, we like to save these fabrics, and prevent them from becoming trash in our environment by reviving them in exclusive limited edition capsule collections.


We use products that have been tested for harmful chemicals and are certified accordingly (e.g. OEKO-TEX100) and always look for fabrics that have been dyed with processes that minimize environmental impact and uphold ethical standards. This approach prioritizes the use of non-toxic, low-impact dyes and promote water conservation and adequate wastewater treatment.



The people that create our clothing are our most valuable resource. We are adamant in our commitment to ethical production and equitable treatment of workers. We audit all our production partners to ensure their workers receive fair wages and all their legal rights are respected. We only produce our garments in the European Union - ensuring that all workers are protected by EU labour practices and regulations. By prioritizing fair trade in the fashion industry we try to add our voice to all those fighting against exploitative labour practices. We strongly promote a more just, inclusive, and environmentally-conscious fashion ecosystem that benefits both the planet and its people.


We strongly believe that Health and Safety in fashion is a holistic approach that ensures the well-being of both workers and consumers while minimizing environmental impact. We audit our production partners to ensure they have implemented safe working conditions, proper ventilation, and ergonomic designs in their production facilities and that they test for toxic materials and harmful chemicals that could pose health risks to workers.

By integrating health and safety principles into our production practices we aim to protect the livelihoods of workers but also to promote a healthier, safer, and more environmentally-responsible approach to clothing production and consumption.


We take great pride in our "Made in Europe" label as an emblem of heritage of garment craftsmanship, commitment to the highest standards of production and a testament to Europe's unwavering dedication to labour protection standards.

We take great pride in producing all our pieces in the European Union, in Romania, in well established factories that fully comply with all of our quality and responsibility practices.

Choosing "Made in Europe" is not just a choice of elegance, but a conscientious decision to support a legacy of quality, tradition, and better manufacturing practices.


We are very much aware that Business Practices are as much part of sustainability in fashion as all the other pillars we focus on. From always trying to support smaller or emerging businesses to ensuring full commitment and partnership to our vendors and suppliers, we always strive to constantly bring added value to our entire supply chain.

Further we have set in place an Ethical Business policy and an Equality and Inclusion policy that guide our daily business practices. We review these policies frequently as part of our commitement to always grow in this area as well.



We know the Earth is not an inexhaustible well of resources and we have to give back to the World we take from. That is why we will plant one tree for every REVANTA purchase you make - irrelevant of its price or whether you buy it from us or any of our resellers. Together we can replenish this generous planet's resources, minimise our impact and protect our world for generations to come.


Our products are timeless in design and made to last, so we hope you will love them for a long time. Still, if the moment comes for you to part with your REVANTA products, simply send them back to us and we will offer you in-store credit vouchers or discounts. We will properly recycle or upcycle them while you enjoy your new-found favourite pieces.


Regular packaging has a big negative impact on the environment through land and water pollution, littering and the use of toxic chemicals. Hence, we only deliver our products in recycled, eco-friendly or compostable packaging. Further we have joined the Shopify Planet program to compensate for the carbon emissions resulted in the shipment of orders placed on our website.