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Rich Witch


In the twilight of adversity, a powerful force emerges—a force that transforms. This summer, we unveil the second chapter in our Rich Witch yearly collection - The RESURGENCE - a capsule epitomizing the spirit of women rising above, harnessing the elemental beauty of sea, sand, and wind. This collection celebrates growth against adversity, new beginnings, and the unyielding strength found within every woman.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless dance between the ocean and the shore, each piece echoes the resilience of rocks, the fluidity of waves, and the freedom of wind. We invite you to enjoy pieces crafted from the finest vegan silks, organic cottons, and a unique blend of Tencel TM and linen, ensuring, as always, luxury and sustainability.

The collection is entirely designed in black and white, a return to the primordial essences of life.

This summer, let yourself be reminded of your journey, your strength, and your power. Reconnect with the elements, and let the sea, sand, and wind inspire your new beginning.


You and everything around you deserve the best

"The most empowering stories are always those of healing, growth and victory against adversity. That type of strength is always inspiring"

Aleks M. - Creative Director

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