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Our Universe of harmonious dualities.

The World though our eyes

When two minds that think alike and two souls with similar passions find each other they will build a life-long friendship. And when that friendship is nurtured it grows into the perfect partnership.

Talking to Aleks & Rina

What is the story behind the brand?

We have been best friends for almost 15 years now and as we grew up together, travelled the world together and shared our lives with each other, we obviously discovered many differences and even more similarities. We understood that it is the shared common values that unite us and the differences that complete us and make us grow.

We can say these brands are truly our love children. While the both of us have developed across the years successful careers in other fields (Aleks in psychology and Rina in interior design) we felt it was the right time to tap deeper into our friendship and let it build a physical and esthetical expression of our shared values and life experiences.

So, if you want, these brands are our life-long friendship turned into pieces of fashion, a wearable manifestation of what we hold most valuable in our lives.

You talk about the duality of the brand, what is it exactly?

It is the two of us behind the brand, so, of course, the duality starts from this. And, as we always try and we think we succeed in blending our different personalities as well as many shared values into a successful relationship, we aim to do the same with the brand. Harmoniously fuse its own duality, ethics and aesthetics.

How would you describe the brand's aesthetic?

We don't really believe in seasonality and in changing the wardrobe so quickly. We feel fashion should indeed evolve and change as it is a manifestation of historical and social movement, but that doesn't mean clothing should be discarded season after season. That is probably why we aim to have a more timeless aesthetic, however overused that term might be.

What inspires you?

This is a difficult question actually. We are both passionate about art, pre 1900s art in particular, so that is indeed an influence. Travel and the cultures we discover also impact our design decisions. Our customers actually can influence our collections. We love to sit and talk to them and understand their needs and their perceptions on our work. Aleks also draws inspiration from his career as a clinical psychologist and how clothing can really impact one's mood and self-esteem.

What are the main ethical and sustainability pillars you focus on?

We could do them all if we could and the reality is it is never enough. The more we look into things as we try to do things even better, the more we understand this is a continuous process and however difficult it might be, it is core to our brand and business.

So far we focus on fabrics - their composition, traceability, provenance, and certifications and on the ethical and fair production of our garments and the protection and right of garment workers. We are also looking into implementing additional programs. At this moment we have the Plant a Tree program, Our Buy-Back program and our partnership with Shopify Planet to help remove the carbon emissions generated by the shipment of our products.

So what is REVANTA and how does it differ from Aleksander Revas?

The two share many similarities, especially in their focus on sustainable premium fashion. So, in this respect, they don’t
actually differ so much. What we wanted was to democratize eco-fashion and try to bring it to larger audiences. We feel that as many people as possible should be able to access sustainable clothing. This should become the norm rather than just a privilege. In essence, REVANTA widens
our scope helping us send our sustainability message towards even more people.

Rina is our Managing Partner, an interior designer and art historian with a business mind bent on bringing our brands to all those that share our vision.

"We want to give a physical expression, an esthetical manifestation of our values: Dignified glamour, responsible luxury, compassionate empowerment."

Aleks is the Creative Director of both Aleksander Revas and REVANTA, a clinical psychologist who is also educated in fashion, focused on creating pieces that both empower and uplifts the wearers mood.

"There is a mutual love relationship between fashion and psychology. Style is a manifestation of our values, personalities, and aspirations just as much as what we wear can direct and uplift our mood, emotions and behaviours."