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Recyle, Reward, Renew

The timeless design and the focus on premium quality we have for all of our products give us hope that you will enjoy our clothes for a long time. Still, if the time comes for you to part with your REVANTA pieces simply send them over back to us and we will reward you with in-store credit or a discount voucher. We will properly dispose, recycle or upcycle them while you enjoy your new favourite REVANTA items.


Enjoy your REVANTA piece for as long as you want

We really hope you have enjoyed our pieces and they brought you amazing fashion moments. If you do decide to part with them (at any time after the regular return period), irrelevant of their condition, please send them back to us.

Initiate Buy-Back

Simply write to us at revanta@aleksanderrevas and let us know you have REVANTA pieces you would like to return to us, tell us how many and what pieces.

We will help getting your pieces back to us

We will reply letting you know what discount you will receive in exchange for your used REVANTA pieces and how you can send them back to us. We cannot provide free returns but we can help organize your return but we can make sure your discount for a future REVANTA purchase is worth it. Plus always remember you are doing a great thing!

Enjoy your new REVANTA piece

Once we received your used pieces we will issue your reward discount coupon, and you can freely use it for your next purchase with us.

What do we do with your used products?

All used products that have been returned to us are either properly recycled or upcycled, ensuring they never get to pollute our environment and one way or another they are returned within the cycle.

Does it only work on the website?

Our products are accessible via multiple channels. Some of our partners have agreed to also be part of our Buy Back program so you can return your products to us through them also.

Please note that conditions for partners stores may differ so it is best you write to us to inquire whether you can use the Buy Back program through the physical or online store you have purchased your product from.